1161 North Shore Blvd East | Burlington, Ontario1161 North Shore Blvd East | Burlington, Ontario

Development Proposal

About the Proposal

The proposed seniors residence will provide an unparalleled experience combining premium hospitality with personalized care and support from expert staff. It will offer independent living, assisted living and memory care services to meet its residents’ changing needs.


In the form of purpose-built rental units:

  • Memory Care (13%)
  • Assisted Living (37%)
  • Independent Housing (50%)
Built Form Elements
  • Terraced building incorporating a range of heights: 
    • A series of 3-storey townhouses located on the north end of the site to complement the low-rise character of the adjacent neighbourhood
    • A mid-rise component of 12-storeys
    • A 17-storey tower component
  • Indoor and outdoor amenity spaces
Key Facts
  • 419 suites
  • 42,532 square metres of GFA
  • 244 below-grade parking spaces

Landmark Gateway

The building forms congregate around common outdoor courtyards, creating a varied skyline and breaking down the building volume into discreet parts transitioning from low-rise, to mid-rise to high-rise.


Building Expression

A terraced top integrates the Penthouse into the building massing. Bay windows and inset balconies add variety to the tallest stretches of the elevation, and a strong stone base anchors the mass.

Canopies, pergolas, and awnings bring human scale at grade level.



The building form steps down progressively towards the low-rise context offering abundant private and common terrace opportunities.

Hedges planted along the perimeter of the property also contribute to the privacy and safety of the building’s grounds.

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