1161 North Shore Blvd East | Burlington, Ontario1161 North Shore Blvd East | Burlington, Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, our application has been submitted to the City of Burlington for its review. The City requires that applicants submit a number of studies, such as a Planning Justification Report, Transportation Impact & Parking Study, and Pedestrian Wind Study.

A: It is important to Amica that we provide opportunities for residents to “age in place” in their communities. We conducted demographic research and found that there is a high population of seniors who live in close proximity to this site, many of whom do not have access to the care that they need. There is a high demand for all types of seniors living in Burlington; and the supply is quite limited. We found that there is a 98% occupancy rate of the senior living suites in close proximity to this site. Additionally, we found that there are not currently any private care suites that are dedicated to Memory Care in the nearby area – and there is a growing demand for this type of care amongst the senior community.

We feel that this location provides a perfect site for senior living, with ease of access to downtown, the waterfront, the Joseph Brant Hospital, and other local amenities. The location is also convenient for families to visit their relatives.

A: The building on-site will include the three types of living services that Amica offers: Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care. The proposed development will feature townhouses on the north end of the site, a 12-storey mid-rise component, and transition to a 17-storey tower on the south end of the property.

A: Amica builds the highest standard of developments for seniors living in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. These buildings are specially designed so as to include Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care. They are referred to as “continuums”. In the Halton Region, Amica operates two of these continuum residences in Dundas and Stoney Creek. In 2018, Amica Peel Village opened in Brampton, and Amica Georgetown will open in 2019.

A: Learning about the community’s views is an important part of the planning and design process. There are a few different ideas that we have about how we can engage with the community. We have held individual meetings with the neighbours directly adjacent to the site. We also have plans to host broader community meetings and intend to discuss timing of these with City Staff. Additionally, this website will have up to date information on the plans, status of the project, and timing; as well as opportunities to ask questions and provide feedback.

A: Every Amica community is different. Amica continuum buildings that feature three types lifestyles (Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care) vary in both size and unit mix. Most often, this variation is dependent upon the property and needs of the surrounding market. In our proposal, the breakdown is:

  • 50% Independent Living
  • 37% Assisted Living
  • 13% Memory Care

A: Our goal is to have the new development at 1161 North Shore Boulevard East seamlessly fit into the community. It’s important for our residents, when they move into their new home, to continue feeling a part of the neighbourhood that they live in. To achieve this, we start by going through a rigorous architectural and landscape design process. Some things we consider are how to incorporate the necessary mechanical equipment in a way that minimizes disruption; and what building materials and standards will be the most efficient. We also design the development to ensure our residents and neighbours are safe; and so, we think carefully about what lighting and other safety features will be most satisfactory.

A: Amica respects and values our relationship with you as neighbours and community stakeholders. We want to establish a strong, long-term rapport as neighbours while attending to the rising need for seniors housing in the neighbourhood. We commit to being open and transparent as we work through the process, keeping you informed, and seeking your input on how we can best fit into and serve the community.

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